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Congressional vote hands Brazil pres. much-needed victory

Wednesday 18 November, 2015 12:00:00 am

Congressional vote hands Brazil pres. much-needed victory

Rio De Janeiro, Nov 18 (AP/UNB) — Brazil's Congress has upheld vetoes by President Dilma Rousseff on spending bills that the embattled leader says the recession-struck country cannot afford.


The bills included a proposed wage hike that would have raised salaries of the already well-paid judiciary by more than 50 percent, costing an estimated $9.5 billion over the coming four years.


Supporters of the bill staged boisterous protests during the session. The decision late Tuesday was close, with the governments' supporters barely securing the votes they needed to bury the proposal.


The issue has been seen as crucial for Rousseff, as her government struggles to cut costs in the face of falling tax revenues and a spiraling economy.


The vote represented a much-needed victory for Rousseff, who is also fending off calls for her impeachment.